If you own your own car, it is very likely that the last thing on your mind when you purchased it was the car tow bar.  It is also very likely that you don’t even know whether your car has a tow bar or not.  This is the case with most car owners.  However, car tow bars are very important and can perform very crucial functions.

car tow barFirst of all and most important of all, a tow bar is used to tow one vehicle with another one.  The importance of this is that should your car break down, you will be able to call your towing service and they will have no problem towing your car to the nearest mechanic.  The most common tow bar system is shaped in the form of a triangle and basically consists of metal bars that are attached to the front of one vehicle and the back of the second vehicle.  A strong rope or chain is then attached to both these bars in order for the latter vehicle to be able to tow the first-mentioned vehicle.

Car tow bar

When a tow bar system is attached by way of bolting to a tow vehicle, the system is known as a coach mounted system.  If the car tow bar is attached to the front of the vehicle, it is known as a car mounted system.

The main and most important functionality of a tow bar is that it should enable both cars to move freely.  The vehicle that is being towed should be able to follow the front vehicle very closely without risk of bumping into it.

Tow bars are fashioned after the ball and chain rule.  This means that the connection between the two vehicles moving has to be steadfast while still flexible.  Flexibility is more greatly achieved when a tow chain is used instead of rope.  It is also true that following the ball and chain rule when it comes to tow bar manufacturing will ensure greater safety while towing is in progress.  Wiring the tow bar and connections properly, will ensure even greater safety when towing a vehicle.